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About the designer, Ed Levin

Ed Levin began creating innovative and distinctly original jewelry in 1950. He started designing jewelry while living in Buenos Aires and working with a master Florentine jeweler. He brought what he learned back to the United States and founded Ed Levin Jewelry. ~ He has passed his artistic vision and skills on to the next generation of master craftsmen who carry on his legacy at Ed Levin Jewelry. Our jewelry is still handcrafted using age old techniques and only the finest materials - inspiring the wearer with it's alluring and inventive design.





About the designer, Frederic Duclos

Frederic Duclos is an award winning French designer of contemporary sterling and sterling and 14 karat combinations of jewelry and gifts. The Company was created under the guidance of Karen and Frederic Duclos in 1984.

Frederic Duclos is originally from Southeastern France, where for several generations, his family has been designing accessories. His upbringing cultivated an admiration for art and sculpture. In his mind, sculpture was limitless, but controlling size and balance to create individual jewelry pieces became his passion. After completing studies in Paris, he was immediately drawn into the allure of jewelry design. His last year of college brought him to California, where he was introduced to Karen by a mutual friend.

Karen, at eighteen and a junior at the University of California, had started a wholesale jewelry and accessories business. She soon discovered a niche for designer sterling jewelry.

After meeting Frederic, they decided that there was a market demand for high quality, creative sterling jewelry. For 25 years, Frederic has presented collections that reflect sensuality and femininity with a twist of reality. The numerous awards he has received throughout the years always encourages him to create fresh, new concepts.




About the designer, Tom Kruskal

Tom Kruskal's jewelry is completely hand fabricated using a cold forging technique followed by heat treating; this process allows the jewelry to be remarkably graceful and sculptured - yet exceptionally strong.

The high polish found on Tom's jewelry is accomplished by the use of a specially made mirror finish anvil that is struck by a polishing hammer. The result is beautiful jewelry that is light in weight yet remarkably strong and resilient, with style of grace, elegance and wearability.

Tom's designs are rooted in his interest in mathematics and music - which lend a sense of proportion, balance, movement and grace to his work. The designs are all original and grow out of hours of his personal experimentation.

For more information, visit the Tom Kruskal website.







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